The Student Appeals Commission decides in accordance with the provisions of the Statute AMEU – ISH in procedures for exercising the rights of students and persons without status who perform study obligations as an appellate body, when the Faculty Senate decided in the first instance.

An appeal against the decision of the Senate responsible for academic affairs may be submitted at the Student Appeals Commission within eight days from the date of the issued decision. An appeal shall be submitted to the authority which issued the decision at first instance. The complaint can be sent by post or submitted to the office of student affairs.

The Student Complaints Commission has 3 members; 2 members are appointed by the Senate AMEU – ISH, and 1 member is appointed by the Student council.

Pursuant to Article 28.g of the Statute AMEU-ISH, the Senate AMEU – ISH appointed the Student Appeals Commission AMEU-ISH with the following composition:

  • prof. dr. Maruša Hauptman Komotar
  • prof. dr. Sebastjan Kristovič
  • Aleš Čakalić, student representative