Dear students,

Humanities are among the studies that substantiate one’s most precious acquisitions, such as learning about human nature and history, language, community participation, understanding and respecting one another with ethics, and attitudes toward other living things and nature. From the very beginning, humanistic studies have focused on the fundamental questions of a person in their relationship to their fellow human beings, the cosmos and the gods or God. The humanities originate from the so-called liberal arts (artes liberales), which, at the time of Hellenism, formed the basis of any more thorough education. With the development of the first universities, humanities were given the role of fundamental directors of new education, leading to the beginning of modern humanism. Through the Renaissance and the beginnings of modern scientific activity and the development of scientific disciplines, the humanities helped to justify the world as we know it today. In the Enlightenment, the Faculty of Arts or the Humanities, together with the Faculty of Theology, Law and Medicine, was one of the four pillars of education. Today, the humanities is a broad field in which different classical as well as new humanistic disciplines and paradigms meet and confront in a pluralistic and open way.

The Faculty of Humanities – Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis (ISH) has been pursuing these goals since its establishment, and has been educating in a spirit of respect, tolerance and intellectual commitment to open-mindedness and humanistic values. Through the interplay of teaching and research work, and through the involvement of students in faculty activities, ISH is a place where we can witness respect for the other in his or her identity, culture, as well as religion, as part of studying at the study programmes at all three Bologna cycles.

At ISH, in line with contemporary challenges and societal needs, we also ask questions that extend into the fields of so-called applied humanities, where within the digital humanities, medical humanities or environmental humanities, the humanities, social, environmental, health and other sciences meet which by collaborating and permeating their methods, lead us to address contemporary societal challenges.

I invite you to join us!

Prof. dr. Lenart Škof

Dean of the AMEU ISH