The AMEU ISH library, as a structured collection of books, began to develop in September 1994. The main library fund strives to encapsulate the field of humanities (especially ​​social and historical anthropology, sociology of culture, media theory, linguistics, epistemology) in order to cover all topics of research study programmes of the faculty.

The library is an academic library. The collection consists of approximately 7,000, mostly foreign-language, monographs, 150 periodical titles and 150 of student final papers. Open access books are arranged by UDC (Universal Decimal Classification). Keywords that represent specific content, lectured or studied at ISH, are added (e.g. ancient and social anthropology, linguistics, the Jewish question, gender studies, media studies, epistemology). National book collection represents a separate collection (ANALECTA, KRT, SH, ZPS).

The main library collection is supplemented by serial publications from the field of humanities; most of the journals are foreign. In addition to books and magazines, copies of papers and discussions that represent required textbooks, together with audio cassettes with recordings of lectures of some visiting professors from abroad. Library funds are supplemented by donations (mainly from institutions and individuals) and regular purchases from our own funds and subventions. When purchasing books, we follow the principle of buying literature that is not available in other Slovenian libraries.

All material is catalogued in the COBISS system and thus easily accessible to users. Visitors can, through the joint database named OPAC, search for books in other libraries and loan them through the interlibrary loan service. Since 2008, it is also possible to loan papers and books internationally. Loan is controlled automatically via the COBISS system, so that in addition to information about the book, it is also possible to check for book’s availability. Loaning period for books is three weeks, if the book is not in demand, the loaning period may be extended. Members of our library can make free reservation of books that are on loan. Within the library there is a reading room (3 places), equipped with two PCs, available to our members.

Members of the library are students, researchers and AMEU-ISH professors. A number of external members, mostly full-time students and students of the Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Social Sciences are also registered. External members and pay registration fee at first entry.

The library manages bibliographies of researchers, as required by the Public Research Agency of the Republic of Slovenia.


Alma Mater Ljubljana
Dunajska cesta 106, Ljubljana (business building B, ground floor)

13:30 – 15:30
13:30 – 15:30
13:30 – 15:30


Telephone number: 059 333 071

Outside the official hours of the AMEU – ISH Library, students can receive materials from the library at the Student Affairs Office, provided they order them in advance from the librarian. They also need to inform the office about the desired time slot for using computers in the library. Students also have access from home to the Emerald e-library or to other e-library databases at the premises of NUK, with which AMEU-ISH has an agreement.