Alma Mater Europaea – Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis (AMEU-ISH) newly adopted development strategy (2016) is highly internationally oriented and focuses on strengthening institution’s internationalization and staff and students’ mobility as top priorities necessary to remain competitive and offer excellent knowledge and educational possibilities for students and staff at the local as well as global level. The main three aspects of internationalization strategy are: (a) to increase mobility, staff (academic, research) and students exchange, as well as to increase the number of foreign students and lecturers; (b) to give priority to research integrated into international research networks; (c) to establish an independent publishing house for dissemination of AMEU-ISH scientific achievements in Slovenia and abroad. International Relations Office (IRO) was established and a full time staff member was appointed to work to implement the goals of AMEU-ISH international and mobility strategy. Apart from planning to have an Institutional Erasmus Coordinator, IRO implements institution’s international and mobility strategy and informs both students and staff about available European and international exchange and cooperation program. The objective of the IRO is to develop and coordinate international relations and activities – that involves providing support and feedback to the

AMEU-ISH management on international issues and developing international agreements. Key tasks of the IRO include implementation of the strategic plan on internationalization; the initiation, preparation and evaluation of agreements with international partner High Education Institution; the administration and promotion of Erasmus + program; the administration and promotion of staff mobility; information to students and staff on the Erasmus and other international opportunities.

Recognition procedure

Students who have studied abroad submit a formal application at the International Relations Office to validate their study abroad course credits in their program at AMEU-ISH. Depending on their study program the students will have the possibility of replacing an existing course or of including the course units abroad as elective courses. All of these is determined in the Learning Agreement and the Recognition Sheet which are prepared before the student leaves. Credits will be allocated for attending language classes. Traineeships in enterprises can be validated in an existing practical placement course. This is agreed upon in the application phase, before the start of the training. The methodology adopted for the evaluation of the student traineeship activities is described in the Learning Agreement prior to the start of the training and signed by all three parties (student, AMEU-ISH and traineeship provider). The recognition of the courses taken abroad, the ECTS and work placement information is shown on the Diploma Supplement.

International Relations Office

Slovenska ulica 17
SI-2000 Maribor

Head of the Office: dr. Goran Gumze
Phone: +386-59-333-075
Email: goran.gumze(at)