The quality system at AMEU – ISH enables the realisation of the Faculty’s vision, mission and objectives on the basis of documents and agreements, which are of key importance for systematic planning, organisation, implementation, reporting and improvements in all areas of the Faculty’s activity. It encompasses all the processes that are important for the quality functioning of the higher education institution and the quality implementation of study programmes.


In order to evaluate the achievements (reviews, analysis) and to prepare and implement measures for the further development of its activities, AMEU – ISH conducts self-evaluation aimed at continuous maintenance, promotion and improvement of the quality of educational and research work, as well as for providing rational bases for professional decision making and development planning and thereby providing a foundation for continuous quality improvement at AMEU – ISH.

Self-evaluation report is an integral element of the self-evaluation process; it includes the assessment of the situation and critical analysis, the analysis of strengths and weaknesses, as well as suggestions and recommendations for the elimination of deficiencies (corrective measures) and quality improvement.  

With SWOT analysis (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity Threat) we recognise at AMEU – ISH positive and negative factors in the internal environment (strengths and weaknesses) and in the external environment (opportunities and threats) of the higher education institution, which enables more effective strategic planning and decision making. With PEST analysis, whose basic four factors are Political, Economic, Socio-cultural and Technological environment, AMEU – ISH aims to identify external factors that are AMEU – ISH important and could affect the operations and strategic -developmental position of AMEU – ISH, but AMEU-ISH has no direct influence on it.          

·    Self-evaluation report 2015/2016

·    Self-evaluation report 2016/2017

·    Self-evaluation report 2017/2018



At AMEU – ISH, the Quality Committee operates as the working body of the Senate AMEU – ISH. The Quality Commission is composed of at least four members, two of which are representatives of higher education teachers, associates and scientific staff, one is a student representative proposed by the student council and one is a representative of professional and administrative staff.

Tasks and responsibilities of the Quality Commission are:

·    preparation of the annual quality report (self-evaluation report),

·    ongoing monitoring of the quality of the study and proposals for its improvement,

·    ongoing monitoring of the quality of the research work and proposals for its improvement,

·    performing other tasks in the field of quality monitoring, quality assurance and improvement at the Faculty level.


Composition of the Quality Commission AMEU – ISH

The Quality Commission AMEU – ISH is composed of:

·    Asst. prof. dr. Maruša Hauptman Komotar, president of the commission, representative of scientific staff

·    Assoc. prof. dr. Sebastjan Kristovič, member, representative of higher education teachers and associates

·    Ignac Navernik, member, student representative

·    Tina Kavtičnik, member, representative of professional and administrative staff


Documents of the Quality Commission AMEU – ISH

The Quality Commission acts in accordance with the Higher Education Act, the Statute AMEU-ISH, the Criteria for Accreditation and External Evaluation of Higher Education Institutions and Study Programmes, the Quality Rules AMEU-ISH, the Quality Rules of the Quality Commission AMEU – ISH, following the guidelines, instructions and recommendations of the Senate AMEU – ISH and other Faculty’s general acts.

The Quality Rules are a regulation by which the AMEU – ISH defines self-evaluation procedures, competencies, method of work, and measures to monitor and improve the quality. 

·    AMEU – ISH Quality Rules

The Rules of Procedure of the AMEU – ISH Quality Committee regulate the work of the Quality Commission. 

·    Rules of Procedure of the AMEU – ISH Quality Commission

Links to other documents:

·    Statute AMEU – ISH

·    Strategic plan 2018-2023 AMEU – ISH