The tutoring system facilitates the integration of newcomers into the study and faculty environment, as well as provides assistance and encourages the students’ development in academic, extracurricular and personal fields. It is intended to improve the quality of studies and the success and excellence of the study process enjoyed by students of the faculty.


Definition of roles in the tutoring system

A tutor can be any student of the Faculty at the 1st, 2nd or 3rd level of study who is in the tutoring system a recipient of the help and advice of a tutor or student tutor.


A tutor teacher is a personal counsellor who guides students through their studies. The tasks of the teacher’s tutor are primarily advising students on their studies with the aim of improving their academic achievements and advising on solving or helping to solve students’ study and other problems that may appear during their studies.


Forms of tutoring at AMEU – ISH

The tutoring system at AMEU – ISH includes student tutoring and teacher tutoring and is conditioned by the needs of the study process at the faculty and the demonstrated needs of students.


Student tutoring is a form of student tutoring work that advises fellow students on their study, extracurricular, and life issues in the faculty.

We are introducing student tutoring at AMEU – ISH in the academic year 2020/2021.


Teacher tutoring is a form of work of a higher education teacher or assistant who, as a rule, individually advises students regarding their studies, the choice of study path and other issues related to the study.

In the 2019/20 academic year, the tutor teacher for undergraduate, Master and doctoral students is Assistant Professor Dr. Maruša Hauptman Komotar (e-mail:


Rules on the tutoring system at AMEU – ISH

The organization and operation of the tutoring system at AMEU – ISH is regulated by the Rules on the tutoring system at AMEU – ISH.