Why choose AMEU – ISH?

Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis

Academic excellence. Innovative study programs. First-class educational experience. Influence your career!

Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis (AMEU-ISH) was founded with the aim to complement the existing opportunities for postgraduate education at quality-comparable standards and equivalent programmes in Slovenian and wider academic area and not in order to compete with them. Complementarity will remain our main goal.

Study programs

Our study programs are created and designed according to the highest criteria and standards in education in order to educate highly employable graduates with managerial vision.

Our educational institution operates under the patronage of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts. We work closely with institutions and individual experts from Central Europe, the Danube region and the Balkans.


Our work is based on scientific knowledge of 29 Nobel Prize winners. Bringing together more than 250 professors from 40 educational institutions in the countries of the Danube Region, we are setting new standards in the quality of study programs.

Bring out the leader in you and get executive positions during your career. Gain the knowledge you deserve. Select a dynamic and recognized study program, created to satisfy your needs and requirements.

Apply in our undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Create the future with us!


  • study program provides students with understanding of the most compelling epistemological systems of knowledge and understanding / interpretation of the results of research, which is primarily focused on current human needs;
  • widespread and in-depth study of disciplines and fields that are not or are underrepresented in other Slovenian higher education institutions;
  • organizing of study programme, which is interesting for students outside Slovenia, particularly from Central and Eastern Europe;


Study programme of Humanities educates individuals to become excellent methodologically and conceptually equipped intellectuals