Erasmus Policy Statement – Alma Mater Europaea – Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis

Alma Mater Europaea – Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis (AMEU-ISH) recognizes the importance of international cooperation in scientific and academic field. There has been a strong desire for taking part in international research and maintaining as well as improving international recognition of excellency of research and training at our higher education institution.

AMEU-ISH formulates criteria for international cooperation basing on the fields of research in humanities, where the past and current interdisciplinary work of researches of AMEU-ISH is an important factor. Research fields covered at AMEU-ISH are many topics in humanities that are oriented by the rich legacy of work on Critical Theory and French Theory in the Slovene and global academic community. Strong research in the field of philosophy is applied and connected to fields that are covered independently. These include art theory, aesthetics and literary theory, cultural studies, cultural heritage, history, archive studies, anthropology, creative industries, research in new media, new technologies and others.

Thus, we chose our international partners according to complementarity with the research in our university and according to the excellency of their research in respective fields. We have strongly cooperated with other universities from Western, Middle and North Europe, forming consortia and bilateral agreements with many respected higher education institutions. Due to geographic and cultural proximity an important focus of our international work and cooperation has been in the Balkan region. Furthermore, we have established cooperation with USA higher academic institutions and in connection with our Balkan partners, we have been cooperating with Latin American region. In this way, we develop links between Global North and Global South, as our geographical location has been historically an intermediary between different cultures, traditions, nations and civilizations. We intend to maintain, improve and enhance our cooperation with these regions and expand our international links in cooperation with Chinese and Indian universities.

Short and long-term objectives of our mobility activities include knowledge exchange with other institutions by enabling our target groups (researchers and students in third cycles) to teach, study and be trained partially abroad, in order to leave their mark there as well as to bring back new knowledge. With the same aim, we have enabled foreign students to study and participate in our courses by offering courses taught in English language at our university. Another long-term objective is to enhance foreign students (both European and non-European) to take part in the study and research at our institution, both in Erasmus+ program as well as through other projects and programs.

We aim at strengthening and enhancing participation of lectures, researchers and students at international scientific conferences and international meetings to increase recognition of pedagogic and research work of our institution and networking to conclude new partnerships, consortia, etc. We intend to organize and co-organize international conferences and symposia.

We take great care of dissemination of our research in Slovene and globally acclaimed academic and scientific journals and databases, so Erasmus+ program is an excellent opportunity to offer our staff and students to publish more and acquire higher international recognition in academic and public sectors and thus strengthening impact of our interdisciplinary research.

We will use the knowledge gained, disseminated concepts and staff and student networking for achieving more successful applications at different EU funding projects that cover the scope of academia in both EU and non-EU countries (Interreg., HERA, Horizon 2020, MSCA RISE, Jean Monnet Activities). In this way, we will train-through research and employ new researchers, as well as to attract more students, so as to strengthen and expand AMEU-ISH and its international recognition.

We have been applying to these project in accordance with research excellence of our staff in areas covering interdisciplinary approaches in philosophy, cultural studies, media and contemporary art, aesthetics, theories of new media, new technologies and creative industries, cultural heritage, history, anthropology and others.

New knowledge of the European (and global) academic and non-academic work, trends and topics brought by subjects of mobility Program will enable more successful conceptual work for project office and researchers to form stronger teams together with different beneficiaries when working on project applications.

Networking through mobility will also enhance research in the framework of international bilateral agreements with European and global institutions, while enabling us to conclude new agreements of this type.

We will continue developing our training-through-research by engaging doctoral and post-doctoral students in the conceptual preparation of projects, so as to increase added value of their work and their potentiality for employment at AMEU-ISH.                                        

We offer electronic classrooms and indexes as useful tools for teaching and administrative work. We have a system of recording and archiving the lectures and we contract staff to monitor and organize technologic aspects of our institution. We aim at regular improvement and updating of our technological system and the possible teaching methods enabled by it.

Additionally, we aim at expanding our institution with the help of gained knowledge, opening new program of contemporary art studies in their practical aspect. We aim at expanding our ALUMNI club to enhance cooperation between our institution and national and international non-academic institutions. By acquiring new ideas and formulating new concepts, we will enhance AMEU-ISH’s opportunities for financing through different EU funded projects (besides Erasmus+ also HERA, Horizon 2020, MSCA) as well as projects funded by the national government. This will enable new employment of researchers, administrative and technical staff and just as importantly add value to the excellency of research. By gaining new ideas through mobility, we will be able to use projects like Jean Monnet to more efficiently reorganize our existent and develop new topics of study.

We plan to expand dissemination of work at AMEU-ISH through maintaining existent participation and organizing new participation in OpenAccess databases and international journals.

We are maintaining and improving thorough evaluation of academic work and work on projects both by staff and students, where mobility will be a possibility to compare and further improve evaluation and consequential updates of this process. A key factor will be the desire of subjects of mobility to integrate into different academic processes with the aim of creating stimulative environment for work in research, training-through-research and teaching. We aim at strengthening academic community and student community and organization both horizontally and vertically, so as to ensure the added value of their cooperation at AMEU-ISH, national and international level.