According to the Governmental Decision on co-Financing of Postgraduate Studies (Url. RS 42/1998; Article XIV), the Senate of ISH, as the competent authority of the Faculty, decided that students during their Master’s and the first two years of their uniform Doctoral study, include individual research work (hereinafter IRW) in their study, which comprises 25% of the postgraduate study coursework. With completion of IRW, the student is granted 15 CP, with 30 CP to be collected in two years, which means participation in one study for two years or IRW on two different researches.

Each academic year, students can choose between multiple research programmes, groups and projects at ISH and public research institutes, with which ISH signed contracts on cooperation. Students choose a research by themselves, in agreement with the coordinator of the registered study programme and in agreement with the Head of Research.

Method and scope of IRW research are established by the Head of Research. IRW is often carried out by IRW seminar research paper or in any other manner, appropriate to the project. This obligation is not assessed.

ISH pursues cooperation contracts with the following research institutes:

  • Institute for Contemporary History (INZ)
  • Pedagogical Institute (PI)
  • Scientific Research Centre SAZU (ZRC SAZU)
  • Scientific and Research Centre of Koper (ZRS KP)
  • The Institute for Civilization and Culture (ICK).